Sound and Latency


Mumble is built on the bleeding-edge CELT codec which provides startlingly clear voice quality. For perhaps the first time in the history of gaming voice communications, your mic is going to matter more than your client.

Additionally, Mumble processes outbound audio before sending it, removing noise and performing automatic normalization, which ensures that everyone sounds clear and easy-to-hear.

Finally, Mumble ensures optimal gaming performance by automatically lowering other system sounds when someone is talking. This lets you listen to game sound, music, or whatever else without having to worry that you'll miss a word.


Mumble's latency is significantly lower than other competing clients. Boasting a frame size of only 10ms, Mumble doesn't have the delay baked in that other clients do. When you call a warning or heads-up, people hear it right then, not a second and a half later.

The easiest way to see this might be with a demonstration.

Try it out

Want to give Mumble a go? Read our Quickstart Guide and then connect to our demo server at mumble:// to get started right away!