Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Mumble servers less expensive compared to Ventrilo servers?

Some might assume that Mumble is a second-rate solution compared to Ventrilo – we’re adamant that this is not the case.

Ventrilo has steep licensing costs imposed on resellers that are passed on to the people who rent servers. Mumble doesn’t have those licensing costs, and so, it costs less for the end user. Additionally, because we aren’t bound by a licensing agreement requiring us to purchase more and more slots for resale, we don’t need to sell you slots you don’t need – you can select exactly how many slots serve your needs, so you aren’t paying for anything you aren’t using.

I’m already hosting my own Mumble server, why should I use you?

There are a few very good reasons!

First, we offer Mumble hosting in data centers with gobs of bandwidth. This means you’re never going to be capping out a connection, resulting in dropped connections, poor quality, or C&D letters from your ISP, and we offer it at a price that’s more competitive than leasing your own data center space.

Second, we provide a suite of great administration tools, website widgets, and other stuff that doesn’t come standard in your average install. We’ve done all the hard work already. You don’t need server administration experience to get up and running – you’ll have your server booted, configured, and usable in minutes, if not faster!

Why do you sell services by the slot?

We don’t like the idea of making people pay for more than they’re using. Simple as that.

Can I increase or decrease my server size later?

Yup! You can modify a server subscription at any time if your needs change.

Can I get a server bigger than 100 slots?

Sure. Just go to the new server page and enter the number of slots you’d like. You can purchase up to 500 slots with our system. If you need more than 500 slots, please contact us.

Do you offer hosting for other services?

Not at this time. We have chosen to focus on Mumble hosting in order to provide the best service possible for our Mumble server clients. That, and we’re True Believers™ in Mumble. :)

Why do you only accept payment through PayPal?

We elected to use PayPal because it offers a secure, comfortable experience for both the customer and our own billing needs. You don’t ever have to give us your credit card or banking information, and we’re ensured a solid and proven billing process.

Do you have a “guild pay” option?

Unfortunately, no, not right now. However, you can set up an account with a PayPal account, and then use a PayPal donation button to accept payments to your PayPal account from your guild or clan.

We do intend to offer alternative payment solutions in the future, as well.

Where are your servers?

We currently offer servers in California, New Jersey, and London, England, so you can pick a server that is geographically close for the lowest latency possible.

How secure is Mumble?

Mumble is extremely secure. Authentication is done via virtually-uncrackable 2048-bit RSA certificates, and voice communications are encrypted with OCB-AES128. You never have to worry about imposters or eavesdropping.

Have other questions?

Feel free to contact us! We’re always available at or you can hit us up on Twitter. We can’t wait to hear from you!